Ball State University

Contract Processing Procedures for Centers & Institutes

Center staff members are encouraged to complete contract budgets utilizing the templates available on this website to ensure appropriate budget categories are included.

Please Note: This process only applies to Centers performing services for external clients when no Federal or State funds are being used. When public funds are involved, Centers will process their proposals through SPO as a regular grant and will be held to the normal Proposal Submission Policy, as well as be eligible for SPO Incentive Programs. Indirect Costs will be recovered and distributed via the model outlined in the Policy for Indirect Cost Recovery for Centers and Institutes.

1. Center and Sponsor:

  • Attach statement of work; or
  • Select draft contract template and complete pertinent information; or
  • Develop contract with Business Affairs Contracts Office.

2. Center send copies of initial Contract to:

  • Assigned Sponsored Programs Office Proposal Manager (SPO PM) for clearance sheet routing (PM assignments available here) and to
  • Business Affairs Contracts Office, Administrative Assistant, for routing to the Director of Contracts. From there, contracts will be assigned to an attorney for legal review and then submitted to the University's authorized signatory for final review and approval.

3. SPO assigns a proposal number (beginning with a "C" to indicate "contract"). The SPO PM will also format the budget request in the SPO budget template and will ensure that the proper indirect cost rate and other policies are observed (such as supplemental compensation approval).

  • If supplemental compensation or an Indirect Cost Waiver is requested, the appropriate form will be attached to the Budget on the clearance sheet.

4. SPO will then route a clearance sheet for approvals, including those of:

  • Center personnel responsible for the project;
  • SPO approvals, including a budget double-check and review for intellectual property considerations;
  • Center reporting line, including, e.g., department chairs, college directors of finance and budgets, deans, others as appropriate;
  • Associate Provost for Research, who will administratively approve the project on behalf of Academic Affairs; and
  • Vice President for Business Affairs or his designee.

5. The final, signed, contract will be scanned and uploaded to the approved clearance by Business Affairs.

6. Funds will be deposited into the Center's account; Business Affairs will ensure that funds are properly expended and indirect costs are appropriately distributed.

1. SPO Secretary will serve as the central point of contact for tracking the progress of both legal review and clearance sheet approvals for contracts.
2. Contracted projects are NOT eligible for the SUBMIT program.